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  The dream that I hope dreamt and nourished has been translated into reality by formation of Murshidabad Minority B.Ed. College under the ausices of Murshidabad minority Education Trust at Sadikhandearah. P.S. Jalangi, Murshidabad. This is the pioneering and first college in West Bengal for the minority to prove scopes of higher education for the minority (specially the muslim).

The attempts have been made with the
association of some muslim youth, - who came forward to shape the trust and the B. Ed. College, without which this task of social responsibility could not be made. I recognize their commitment for this noble cause of spreading education for the minority aspirants to be good teachers with quality.

Qualitative Education is a process to be germinated among the teachers, who are true aspirants of qualitative education to unfold the quality of the ‘would be Teachers’. This educational attempt through B. Ed. College would strive for searching such torch bearers to enlighten others as good practitioners in their day to day life living based on the derived value premise to radicate pollution in the educational world.

I acknowledge with deepest gratitude from the core of my heart to all the concerned authorities and persons, well-wishers, friends to help us to start the functioning of this college from the ensuing academic session. I believe that genuine and sincere efforts will yield the good and best result.

I wish the success of the institute through its step diagram in future.
  Tapas Kumar Mondal
  Chairman (Ex-Journalist & Advocate)
  M.M.B.Ed. College &
  Minerva Academy Group of Institution.
  The history formation of the Murshidabad Minority Education and Development Trust and the Murshidabad Minority B. Ed. College had the very essence of the dedication and commitment of some Muslim youths inspired by Sri Tapas Kr. Mondal an educationist and the founder of Minerva Educational Welfare Society and Murshidabad Minority Development Trust.

While came in contact with Mr. Tapas Kr. Mondal during his intervention through
Primary Teacher’s Training Institute, at Sadikhansdearh, P.S. Jalangi, Dist : Murshidabad, some of us were infused by his ideas of spreading education through multi-facet institutes and his dream for providing basic and higher education for the Muslim Community, we came forward to join our hands as the ‘captain of the ship of quality education’.

Thus over the years slowly but steadily the Murshidabad Minority Education and Development Trust has been formed and the Murshidabad B. Ed. College has taken into its shape to provide education with quality for the teachers to shoulder the responsibilities as yet unrealized.

In the changing situation of the advancement of the Teacher education could be taken into consideration to relate the local, regional, national and global perspective and the scenario of the teacher education could also be revamped with the need of the present day time.

To make the teachers understand and appreciate the roles of teacher in shaping Indian Society;

The quality Teacher Education has to be based on inter-sectoral and mutual cooperation having collaborative efforts from all sections of the society starting from schools, PEER Institutions, Training Institutions, Universities, families including the personalities from the business world with social commitment, NGOs, elitists, the researchers, educatioists and technical resource institutions and such others whose contributions should be recoded and counted in this silent revolution to bring a change in the existing social order.

Murshidabad Minority B. Ed. College, at Sadikhansdearh, P.S : Jalangi Dist : Murshidabad, is to be considered as the first Minority B. Ed. College recognized by NCTE and affiliated by Kalyani University will be launching its activities for mind setup of the trainees with a favourable educational environment to utilize the potentiality and the resources of the trainees aiming at a scientific knowledge base system for improvement of teaching, learning and to develop the competency progressing to lead them towards guessing and searching for participatory learning with new knowledge and innovation of smell the fragrance within them.

I thank and congratulate all concerns to help us for striving towards this noble task and we hope the college will step forward to achieve its good result in the near future.
  Mr. Rafikul Islam
1. A minimum of 75% attendance at all concerned class is compulsory.
2. One must maintain discipline, silence and keep the atmosphere clean and healthy.
3. One must follow the Library Notifications.
4. Attendances in all co-curricular programmes are compulsory.
5. Student must attend all the test and oral examinations scheduled by the college.
6. Outsiders are not permissible inside the college campus without any concern.
7. Misbehaviours of any kind will be treated as serious offence.
8. One must maintain decent dress code.
9. Cell phones should be switched off during class hours.
10. Regarding practice teaching programme decision of teachers council will be final.
The College is run and managed by a committe of highly educated persons and renowned social workers of this district. It is a Non-Profitable, Un-Aided Self-Financed College.
Location :
The Murshidabad Minority B. Ed. College is located at a distance of 45 K.M. from Berhampur Town.
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